Hermitcraft 7 | Ep 064: The Evolution Begins!

Publisert 4. des.. 2020
In this episode, I begin "Phase 2, 2.0" by finishing the exterior of the pyramid and adding a new structure to the outer circle. Ren and I meet up to split our Barge Quest winnings and the Resistance is captured by the HEP!
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  • I absolutely love the way he uses water as decoration HAHAHA I love seeing the candidness of the "oops raid in the shopping district"

  • I have found out about hermitcraft for 11 months-1 year and it's great and when I can't find something to watch I just watch this! (I am not actually the owner of this account I am just they're brother lol)

  • Hey scars grass is spreading allergies to I am allergic to grass

  • I loved how the raid was just this intermission, going being on separate teams to working together to finish the raid and then back to being on separate teams - the storylines are for fun and these guys truly are just great friends to each other!

  • Impulse and Ren can hold the G for ransom ngl

  • 24:16 Impulse had a fire-resistance potion in his hot bar when in the HEP cage! :o Can we take a minute to appreciate how unexpectedly ready he was? I mean it can't even have been staged - he had em there since 20:48

  • grian: lets not do pvp capture the flag scar: oh few also scar: does that exact thing

  • There’s been 1 stack of impulsesv Hermitcraft 7 episodes!

  • I love the build on top of the circle😍

  • 12:31 i think i heard someone say the f word

  • His old thing was ugly this looks sooo much better

  • I love the "impulse yellow" beacons in the middle!

  • You are so amazing! I love your videos, you're doing a good job!

  • >_< man do I have videos to catch up on, my apologies for my absence!

  • This is the episode you have a stack of episodes

  • You stole mumbos time laps song 14:22

  • Just kill the jerks! I HATE H.E.P.

  • 23:23 meanwhile a Grain is advertising itself

  • You need to play decked out

  • Honestly I don’t think it was a very good idea to blow up your base it looked great before and now it just looks ugly with the tiny pyramids on the sides I think it was a big mistake to change it

  • I've just come from the Dreamsmp and this place is so wholesome it's given me cavities, while the Dreamsmp is where the chaos gremlins roam.

  • I do not get it. Yes, BDubs might have helped build the shop, but he never restocks and Impulse still pays him. BDubs likes to go in a business but will not even help after he has done something.

  • Impulse is such a nice hermit

  • So, grian set the whole thing and up and told scar what to do to get him and everyone else to potentially build his base.

  • What about widening the paths from the outer circle to the middle of the base and add a river to carry goods. You could make the entire thing functional.

    • Widen the entire path to the size of the new building on the end of the circle. Then you have room for one or two rivers. Either a center one or two side ones to carry goods or acts as a transport system.

  • the second second phase

  • I love how I couldn’t even build the thing on the ring of his base

  • I think he kills some wither bosses for breakfast or something

  • Is it just me or does the mini pyramid look a lot like alto’s odysse

  • Impulse was literally playing the role of support for that raid.

  • Yor base is like Cub's current base and Grian's season 6 base combined

  • A bit late comment. But you could add panes so the yellow "i" floats above in the middle beam

  • I don't watch for 6-7 months.. Good god things have changed, your base, and the entire server..

  • Doc at 25:01 be like, This guy is a gerk

  • Impulse you should do a splatoon type thing so you get a shovel and a cupule stacks of your block like grass or myseliam and you put the block in the off hand and you go and cover as much ground in like 10 15 minutes with your block

  • Impulse likes his FALSEsymmetry (I'm sorry)

  • Impulse your base looks loads better now, can’t wait to see more progression on it

  • “Settle this like real human beings” *Etho casually shoots XB with a crossbow

  • HEP, No PvP, Resistance, I’m down for some PvP

  • Lol, Mycelium lover be like” yah, it’ll get all moldy and stuff”

  • Impulse had to say "back off Scar, this is my land....."

  • Do you think you can build glass tubes on the outer ring

  • As someone who isn't an insanely good Minecrafter, I would be so proud of myself if I built the little structure at the edge of the circle.

  • Mumbo for president

  • Your base is so random, with its things sticking out and a chiro around it and a house on the circle but yet you have made it work so well and made it look symmetrical and really good. Keep up the good work mate.

  • The moment you use beacons as lighting you know you cannot go back right?

  • Your base looks like it was built for farming terraces

  • Seriously Impulse, your base is gorgeous. Absolutely love the color pallet and the design is amazing. Also, MINI GAMES!!

  • 24:27 everyone: screaming impulse: calmly drinking some fire res he has on him after working on his water base

  • Reminds me a bit like Grians base in season 6 with the ring around the base

  • If you have the attention span to make each sea lantern a beacon, that might look cool. It will look like a giant fortress.

  • Your build is amazing! Also on the pathways, instead of the beacobs, why not add some greenery? Like a plant or tree all along the walkway

  • this base remeber me the base of grian in season 6

  • Impulse give the bees to ergo for his base he loves using those type of blocks

  • I dont love the new corners but u do u

  • Idea make a guess the difference mini game on the mycelium turf

  • I have almost never heard a hermit say no to a fellow hermit

  • I think the yellow beams are great. It's great with some other color than alle the blue and it's the Impulse color :D

  • Now the season 7 has a stack of episodes

  • You should put the shaders you use and resorrse packs

  • Looks amazing the base, but I think u should add an iron trap door like u said onto the blue.... is it concrete or terracotta?

  • grian thinks scar took the G LOL :)

  • Can you talk to the other hermits and see if for season 8 the youtuber skyes can join?

  • For supporting the ring how about doing it like you did for the cool half circles that used to be on the top of your pyramid. Like start the half circle on the bottom on that mini house on the ring and go down all the way to the sea floor

  • Very happy that your Channel has blown up impulse

  • Haha this was funny. He’s A FUN NY AND KIND DUDE.

  • The only think I wanted you to keep was the spindle things

  • In the next update, you will be able to make the water bucket farm!

  • Impulse's can you please join my server???

  • Impulse’s Base is so aesthetically pleasing I love it

  • I had a dream where we met in rl and became friends. U were actually speaking my main language - czech - so that was pretty weird but when I can't sleep yesterday i repeated to myself that Impulse will come back and it will be good. The most strange thing is that I dont watch you often but youre wholesome! :D

  • I watched grians episode before this, and I laughed so hard when Ren said they should take the G

    • Me too, I honestly thought it was Scar 😂

  • Your base looks great.

  • I wonder if I made a Minecraft escape room, would impulse play it?? 🤞🤔

  • The Beam in the Middle maybe more orangish ? :S

  • Doc maybe b a mole 👀

  • Since impulse's base has water running down it's sides, it is technically a giant fountain

  • Ik im late, but i enjoyed the lighter beam, it adds a little difference from the outside to the main base, also, a water block? at the top of your base would add the little fountain effect its missing., maybe instead of yellow, a green?

  • Maybe increase the Chicken space to a 2x2 area, with the one pressure plate; that'll slow down the littering rate.

  • When impulse's watch out tower is better than your best base

  • Hey impuses can you make a sky block one block pls

  • What if the "lookout" towers had yellow beams too? Would make good contrast with all the blue

  • i am a new subscriber i love impulses creativity he is my favorit youtuber

  • 😠 youtube didn't notify me about this vid. They need to tighten up.

  • I love the new time-lapse music! The base is looking great. Edit: Impulse has the best perspective by far of that "emergency meeting".

  • how bout two under arches for each bridge

  • b cool if u put end crystal beams were going from all top four structures to main middle pyramid

  • 1:00-1:10 he sounded kinda like coach Steve from big mouth

  • Why do you and scar sounds alike

  • Sorry about my comment from last time, I didn’t mean it as rude, I just thought it was funny(in a good way)

  • Lets get impulse to 1,000,000!

  • I like the yellow beacons in the middle it bring out the blue

  • I never notice the glass because it’s the same colour of the water and I panic and think you’re going to fall straight in 😂

  • I feel like you will love the new Omega Pacific building Mumbo & iskall is building it fits the whole aqua theme 💙 I think if you look from the shopping district towards your base it’s to the left in the sea :)

  • I love how every hermit has to take multiple portals just to reach the shopping district, Then there’s impulse who’s base is 20 blocks away🤣

  • The fact that there waters running from the top down the whole building is oddly satisfying everytime 😂👏

  • Tbf, i never really liked the top part. It really looks so much better right now

  • No yellow

  • The base looks awesome so far keep up the good work!!

  • Hey impulse I have an idea for your bridges you could make giant arches underneath them!