Hermitcraft 7 | Ep 069: EXTREME INTERIOR MAKEOVER!

Publisert 24. des.. 2020
In this episode, we complete the exterior of the base and then turn our focus to the interior. With a lot of design decisions to be made, we take some time to think while building up a super simple hoglin farm.
LogicalGeekBoy's Easy Hoglin Farm:
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  • WOW the gray glass is so invisible that's wild

  • Nice!

  • Very good building skills impulse, Hermit man!

  • Nice

  • Nice

  • Make a Pork'shop'

  • Nice

  • i love you base, it so cool..

  • Nice

  • 4:36 bring the floor with the farm board up to the bottom of the waterfall and line it up with the white blocks beneath it.

  • Impulse:"i hate doing ceiling" Everyone:"FLOORGANG AOH"

  • Nice.

  • Noice

  • Try it in RTX

  • Scar was probably trying to kill Cleo's stuffed panda and he succeeded lol

  • Nice

  • Nice

  • nice.

  • Grian is pretty good with scavenger hunts so if your stuck on what to do you can ask him.


  • Nice

  • Noice

  • Do you have a 21 out of 55 if I’m not mistaken on the phinias machine

  • Ask grian to help you with the adventure for Tango

  • 69 noice

  • Episode 69 nice

  • Water lilies

  • That hoglin farm reminds me of DK64 Beaver Mini game.

  • nice

  • You should team up with Grian to make a new year's scavenger hunt for tango! Also, you could put lily pads in those item frames and dot them and regular lily pads around your base. Variation in size would add to the detail, and even the little ones would give little standing pads for more viewing angles!

  • You should give tango a piece of paper that has the coordinates to a place with a shucker box that has 20 ancient debris or more

  • Why are u not uploading?

  • 17:48 Impulse you might want to ask Mumbo about floaties

  • when are you going to make I video

  • Inside looks really good now

  • Goooooood morning Gamers

  • Hey why don't you try making some lily pads like the one's inside Ethos house?

  • Happy New Years to every Hermitcraft member and fan!

  • How is Impulse's voice always so happy This guy is always happy lol Have a donut bye 🍩🍩🍩

  • Next up: The Coarse Dirt resistance

  • I like the new lights in the ceiling of the base, they kind of look like the letter I


  • Hm... maybe contact the hermits about Tango and doing something for him...if you do a scavenger hunt (Grian is brilliant at them if you need an advisor lol)... and each hermit wanting to contribute can do a treat or even a trick, game or fun something-or-another for him at each point he reaches? Firework show at the end (which he can provide himself as he flies away from the last stop!)

  • Can you invite me to the hermitcraft server? My name is Carson I'm 8.

  • 2021 anyone?

  • ah yes, 2021 in my time zone!

  • Pork chops are a great and cheap/easy food source. The second floor of the barge is 'buy it by the box'; you buy a shulker full of an item. You should consider adding cooked pork chops to impulse buys using a similar deal.

  • Woken in a Nutshell

  • funny number

  • *EPISODE 69* 👀

  • Happy new year it's been a long season🎉🎉🎉🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️

  • This is a nice episode.... Episode 69......

  • Ceiling gang cringe

  • You should do the iron farm soon, if you use mumbo’s design or something similar you’ll get multiple stacks of ingots in just a few minutes.

  • I dont want to correct you but 7:05 it was actually warped and the video was great

  • I may be a bit late to this vid by totally stand by you doing something for Tango. He's done amazing things this year and I think if all the Hermits did a bit, you could come up with something spectacular for him to enjoy.

  • I'm taking off step-by-step construction, I'll be glad if you appreciate it

  • Piglins Are Afraid Of Soul Torches And By The Way MERRY CHRISTMAS HERMIT CRAFT

  • Your videos just keep getting better and better, Impulse! Keep up the good work!

  • Grass is disgusting 🤮

  • Just decorate the outside water area with more plant life... I liked the lily pads personally

  • Nice

  • You should make a coral reef under your base.

  • NICE

  • NICE

  • This base looks like a temple with a military base inside or something lile that

  • Lmaoooo episode 69

  • Nice episode

  • okay Grian is now the new mayor, nice :P but are the grassguys now in the resistance?? pls it can't end like this, it was to funny xD

  • nice

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  • It all looks amazing

  • Nice

  • N I C E

  • Why don't you cover the outer periphery of the ring around your base (the underwater portion) and trap some dolphins in there so when you are working underwater you can travel faster.

  • Build idea: maybe make a scene with armor stands of a guy fishing on the rings of your base and use the floating lanterns/other blocks to act as the floating thingy on the end of a fishing pole

  • The “what’s going on guys” at the start is super cringe. I know you read this.

  • Nice

  • This has to be the "nice" episode, right?

  • Nice

  • why did you get rid of the skyblock videos on your server for imp & Skizz

  • nice

  • The base looks great

  • Episode 69lol

  • i got your plush and it arrived today!

  • nice

  • Put the conduits in a hole just under the ground, on all 4 sides. Make sure the holes are COMPLETELY filled with water and they will still work just fine.

  • Put just one block of mycelium down in the one place everyone is guaranteed to see it, just to be annoying!

  • Give Tango a quad witch farm :P

  • HAHA funny number

  • Such an amazing build, merry christmas, Impulse!

  • Hey impulse! for tfor the scavenger hunt idea for tango, you should reacxh out to Grian for some fun team building ideas! I know he made a few for the Barge and he would probably love to help give tango a gift!,. I cant see what I'm typing because my monitor justt broke so I hope there are no speelling errors! Love you Impulse! lol

  • you can take the water bucket farm of if you want

  • You could just use sea lantern mini block heads instead of item frames

  • Maybe take some inspiration from ethos base for the water decoration. He build those little custom lily pads that look really really nice and it would be way more visible than the tiny item frame things

  • He’s always been just taking all the profits, you should not stock it for two months

  • hypno is hypnotizing Santa for better presents

  • This is what poor planning looks like. Build base, tear it down, repeat

  • Impulse completed 22/55 farms on his Phineas board

  • It is a ginger bread house by false