Hermitcraft 7 | Ep 062: GRIAN'S EPIC BARGE QUEST!

Publisert 25. nov.. 2020
In this episode, we finish the nether hub connection to my base, make a deal with Grian, summon the GOAT Docm77 to help the Mycelium Resistance, AND compete in Grian's amazing barge quest for epic prizes!
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  • Impulse's memory of Minecraft trivia like the wooden buttons and pressure plates is awesome 38:14 Ren is such a sweetheart oh my gosh 🥺


  • Who is dead

  • This is a good coment

  • when they seal the star, me: THIS IS WHY WE HAT HEP

  • Impulse: "i cant get in! i-i ate too much last night" Me: *same*

  • 10:36 Etho & Impulse: Puts on Bdubs head. Doc: Lord have mercy. LOL

  • Impulse time lapse music is a vibe 🎶🎵

  • What a dummmmbassssss game by grian they killed the wither

  • who else just forgot about this man and then saw his base in someone else's video so you rush to catch up on three - four hours of hermit craft from this man. (I cant belive I forgot about him)

  • The way Ren says "brother" makes me smile

  • What music does Impulse use in his timelapse?


  • Who is here from grians then to scar’s video then here

  • Yes approved

  • Ugh just GOOOO YOU HAVE THE STAR!!!!

  • I’m getting Mario vibes from the new base

  • Why is the hq meeting table tablecloth green?

  • This is my first time watching impulse. I love the video and I subbed, but the 3rd person camera from time to time makes me feel like something is stalking him XD

  • This is why I'm apart of the resistance. There not cheaters.

  • Wow what a horrible quest, very unorganized, no clear instructions, allowed cheating more than once. It's ok though cuz you got some good stuff for 2nd place? With that and twice now across two servers starting a war making ppl pick sides. (I'm sure there's other stuff I'm missing.) I don't understand why he's allowed to stay on the server. Unless this is what Heritcraft is now? If so thats very disappointing.

  • *Nobody commenting on the way he said "Mega Ultimate Prize"*

  • you should do a little map district poster for an "impulse buys" sign!

  • Queen Elizabeth really likes your shop with totem's of undying 😂

  • He shouldn’t have looked for his stuff he should have gave it to impulse then he took it back then in the prize there’s netherite so he could craft his stuff back

  • I recognize that song from the start of the video from a car ad. Don't remember what one specifically but I know it's from an ad

  • Ok but like, why is impulse so cute when he says things like "Oh ok!" or "Bye!" ITS DRIVING ME INSANE HOW CUTE HE IS

  • "Can't get in, ate too much last night" I think I'm cry-laughing I love this

  • Hey! I’m new to your channel! But if you call Grian your channel then I’m not new.

  • 21:08 what did ren say

  • how much u wanna bet impulse lows his base up next episode

  • shroom HQ island reminds me of the Smurfs

  • nolong.info/show/YbZjinBvoZl-omg/video.html This anamatic is awesome and I think you guys would get a kick out of it!

  • I know this is just fun and games but it honestly annoyed me so much to see how dumb you guys were in the challenge

  • Impulse video thumbnail: Prize for us! Scar Video Thumbnail; Prize for us!

  • Y’know I love GTWS but he TOOK THE STAR I love his content but that seems to be very... scum like

  • Hi impulse soo I watch your smelting I think you can put a lava bucket in the furnese and it can cook one stack of everyblock so please can you tere it for me please

  • Introducing the new “Scar safe”: *”Tango Proof”* 1:32

  • Doc:kills himself making the base a nightmare.. Grian: excellent

  • You need a tango approved sign for the hole above your hub

  • You know you're rich when you decorate your nether tunnel with loadstones. Keep flexing dude

  • Romans 6:23 “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” For our sins we deserve hell. But since Jesus came to this earth as a free gift out of God’s amazing love to pay for our sins and take the punishment we deserved we can be saved. We accept this gift with our genuine faith and not by works (Ephesians 2:8-9

  • Love to see impulse always talk like he is smiling. Always makes my day

    • He sounds like Payton from sandersides

  • you should build a full poison arrow border that you can activate to defend your base!

  • yo anyone know the timelapse music?

  • scar's gameplay is not cool lol

  • How do you know most of the Hermits are Dads? Dad jokes and puns are 80% of the jokes. Even some of the builds.

  • I would love to be part of the Hermitcraft season. one day, just one day.

  • i love the use of replay mode during the quest

  • The Barge Quest was basically The Mycelium Resistance vs HEP

  • Bdubs is the funniest guy oh my god he had me laughing

  • Make the table out of mycelium

  • Cool idea ig: You could make yourself a uniforms like hep would be uniforms too and it would be different uniforms like just soldiers or something i dunno 😂 just uniforms

  • Iron farm and slime farm please

  • Where is stres

  • I REALLY really love the cinematic shots in between the first-person POV, *ESPECIALLY that slow-mo replay of Scar grabbing the star,* no other Hermits showed that close up!!

  • yo kang

  • Sorry you lost, but the episode was great

  • 21:34 Impulse: i LoSt YoU aLrEaDy 🥺😭

  • Remember it's about the principle!!!

  • Did anyone else watch the amazing race? This is exactly like that.

  • 38:48 Impulse is hungy 🤣🤣

  • 45 minutes? This has to be the biggest episode of the season yet.

  • I wish I could play in a world like this but I don’t play with friends because my ps4 lags so much when my world gets to 120mbs so if anyone knows any good cheap PCs or laptops please let me know

  • "My mom made it for me." "She's very talented." *Bdubs slowly staring down on Scar* "... she's what now?"

  • Anyone else have to double check to see if the title said Grian or Grain?

  • Hey impulse can you think about dantdm being a hermit next season

  • That MEGA ULTIMATE PRIZE voice Impulse did made me think my headphones broke for a second lolol

  • When Ren Call inpulse baby Me: im getting gay vibes- Lmao XD

  • Suggestion for a 'good deed': TFC is slowly starting to get back to playing, give him something as a welcome back gift :D

  • Grian: Makes 4 people pay to mine for him. S t o n k s

  • The impulse corner will be like the discont section

  • Make an area near the ladder leading to the nethe roof which could be expanded into a roof access nether hub ish area for better and safer elythra glide and not to be tango proof.

  • This video has too much GRIAN in it.....

  • Grian:lets bring goat man Docm77:**evil laughing**

  • Nobody: Grian: makes a quest that causes everyone involved to make an hour long video

  • And thus did Grian's barge start consuming all the other businesses in the shopping district...

  • so the HEP members were already stealing fair and square from the very first task

  • Laughed so hard for this, thank you for bringing a smile to my face and you guys deserve a massive GG, good guy RenPulse

  • what was the song of the intro :((

  • If u agre

  • Ask grean something like making the barge the main shop and people can rent an area to sell stuff lik if I agre

  • The second task... I need help, so dig out my backyard, then you get the next map Hilariously done, Grian

  • I hate the time when bdoubleo stel the neather star this is cheating bdoubleo fu*king cheater

  • Rendog's sportsmanship is on another level, I wouldve been so mad at the end

  • This is one of the sickest episodes EVER! Everyone di really good haha

  • a lot of grian in one episode

  • its about the principle

  • Teams in the barge quest: Mycelium VS Grass

  • 17:04 I'm such a Zelda nerd. When Ren read out the first clue, the first thing that popped into my head was: "23 is number 1!"

  • I love How impulse has started collabing with Grian

  • Scar and bdubs dident earn it

  • Impulse died ,at the start of the video I noticed one of the respawn anchors had 3 charges

  • What is the timelapse song at the beginning

  • love the replay mod action

  • Shopping district law says that each shop is required to have an ender chest, but it doesn't say it has to be freely accessible. What if you set up a system in your shops where you need to pay one diamond to reveal the ender chest for use? If it becomes popular and you ban placing enderchests on your land, then people have to pay you to get their diamonds to pay you, it's the perfect money making plan!

  • Best of all the barge quest videos! :) you guys should have won :/

  • Why i have goose bump (from excitment i mean) when they talk about calling the man, the goat, Doc himself lol

  • I think that’s kinda dumb that they won you guys should have

  • Try using invisibility potion and use the bdubs head it will be so fuuny