Hermitcraft 7 | Ep 084: EMBRACING CHANGE!

Publisert 23. mars. 2021
In this episode, I make some drastic changes to the interior of my base and make a great deal with Xisuma.
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Gaming, Minecraft
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  • i still think impulse realllyyy should have kept the top of his base.

  • Blue and pink looks absolutely amazing

  • therapist: pinkpulse isnt real me: i know :( pinkpulse: hello

  • i don't really like the pink but it ok ig

  • Ĺ⁰0

  • Aquewei 😉

  • Impulse....please.....no. the pink is such a disgusting eye sore >. .

  • Pink used to be a man’s colour. Because it’s a shade of red, the colour of blood. Blue used to be a woman’s colour, as it’s the colour of the Virgin Mary.

  • What is the texturepack

  • Just use light green glass for the lighting problem

  • #backtoyellow

  • There is a new map to Among Us you guys should play it

  • Ok, can anyone help me??? I’ve been trying to get optifine and I just can’t. I have Java Minecraft and that works. I downloaded Java Oracle and Optifine (both off of their official website) but it just doesn’t work. Can anyone help me please?

    • @IllicitTurtle 27 oh ok

    • @Scheetcraft I figured it out, it was just that Java Oracle wasn’t executing Optifine so I downloaded a program to make sure it executed it and it worked

    • Maybe searching for tutorials on youtube

  • Hopefully the new snapshot item, the invisible light, really does get turned into a data pack. Then it can be added to the server and issues like lighting a glass floor without ruining aesthetics won't be an issue. And I can only imagine all the amazing builds everyone can make if they don't always need torch spam

  • Yes please move them over. I know it’s annoying but it would look so much better

  • Me wondering why LTN won’t join hermit craft: My brother:cuz someone’s already taken his main trait,live for emeralds

    • Xisuma says that the server is already full

  • Maybe, you could have some floating lights under the glass floor? Maybe the same design as the chandeliers, just sans chains?

  • The pink looks terrible

  • Texturepack?

  • Impulse feels like the type of person who always smiles when he speaks, you literally hear his smile in his voice. Always look forward to an impulse video.

  • I think those chandeliers look really good but they should be moved over a bit

  • I'm sorry, but this base still looks pretty bad and way too noisy.

  • wasnt able to watch this till now but yay pink!

  • Stress must be enjoying this vid 𝙂𝙊𝙍𝙂𝙀𝙊𝙐𝙎𝙇𝙔

  • you should invite stress to see the pinkification

  • The lamps are fine

  • What video editing software do you use?

  • You could light the floor by putting some lights a few blocks under the glass - maybe a "reflection" of the chandeliers.

  • Impulse are you gay

  • Put some patterns in the gray walls, with sealanterns. Gives you more light and some interest to the walls. Love your stuff.

    • Also, frame the walls with sealanterns. In the floor where the glass meets the wall. One block out from the wall.

  • You Missed some yellow 1:43 you might have to change out the yellow for pink in your pfp for the rest of the season X3 love your vids

  • any 1 els realise imp died near the end and his level gone BY A TOTEM FROM EM AND EM EMPORIAM

  • You need to get grian to pay for his build because it went way over the height limit

    • @Whirlie yeah but the building is way too far for blocking it was only xisuma his plot where he builded on

    • @Scheetcraft It isn’t if they block Impulse’s view it is if they go over y=90

    • No grian is not out of his vieuw

  • Dus anybody know what texture patch he is using?😀

  • Please center the chandlier

  • @Impulse, you could try running some Endrods under the glass. I might not look terrible

  • The transition to a blue white and pink one is a surprise, but a welcome one to be sure

  • This base is a meme

  • This base has gone through more remodels than the barge at this point lol

  • You could do "support beams" to frame the glass floor, and then you could add lights to those as you need/want

  • He's not being girly, he's spreading awareness for breast cancer. He's a damn hero.

    • No lol. It doesn't have anything to do with breast cancer.

  • Thank you, impulse!

  • Missed a huge chance to call it ABOVE. Aqua Building Officer of Vertical Enforcement

  • Minecraft need really new light system.

  • I feel like Impulse is starting to simp for Stress lmao

  • I still say you could hang some lanterns below the glass. Light things up from below.

  • hey impulse loving your content so keep it up and how many videos will you stay with this color on your base but loving your content

  • I am glad impulse decided no to view colors as gender

  • Pinkpulse

  • Your niece goes to my church impulse, I just found out and you gave her some merch

  • U can also have lights mounted to the wall and floor lamps to help with lighting when you do all glass floor, also I vote for moving the chandeliers

  • Is there any armor stand tricks with lighting?

  • Hey in aque town you should build a speak easy or some sort of underground club for the hermits to relax in maybe listen to some jazz and speak some poetry.

  • for the lighting issue, you could probably drop the chandeliers by a block or two, then extend them down by adding a sea lantern and end rod to the bottom

  • you know changes don't make you a richer man :)

  • I think you should center the chandeliers there

  • is there a tutorial on how to build that raid farm?

  • Lighting: Lower the chandeliers as well as center them in the passageways.

  • Wanda and Cosmo think they slick huh

  • Now I want strawberries

  • nobody: hermitcraft lore drops:

  • The chandeliers look a little out of place. Would horizontal “paths” of end rods under the glass look terrible? I think end rods look more sleek and simple like the rest of the base.

  • why does impulse not have netherite gear?

  • i may be a little bias but i love that color palate

  • YES!!! the pink looks SO GOOD! I’m glad it’s sticking. It definitely looks like it was meant to be.

  • Please center it

  • Tht shade of pink reminds me of strawberry sugar wafers

  • I would personally be kinda mad

  • Not the biggest fan of pink, but it really works. The base looks awesome.

  • slide them up a bit

  • omg thanks xisuma! that villiger trading desighn will fit pefektly in what ii am building at the moment! been pulling out my heair the last cuple of days trying to figure it out x,D also thanks you impulse fore the great episode ;D

  • i went like: 😱 noo impulse is rebranding

  • I would make the chandeliers a little lower, but also a little smaller.

  • So when's the hoodie with the pink i (just realized that sounds like a medical condition) coming out?

  • Please slide the chandeliers to center

  • Impulse you shouldn't of called it BOVE, It should've been called the Aqua Building Officer of Vertical Enforcement, or ABOVE. - Grian

  • hang endrods from under the glass for some more lighting on the glass floor and also you could make a staircase on either side where those new spaces are and put the rest of the farms that are yet to be crossed off on the second floor! like a mini pyramid of farms inside your pyramid would be cool

  • What happened to good deed of the day?

  • He embraced it lol

  • I love those chandeliers! Very cool.

  • I feel like you should do some sort of futurist piping with lots of sea lanterns a few blocks below the glass floor it might make it look like apart of the farms while also solving some of the lighting issues

  • Calling it now. Yeah you should move them over then they will be more centered over the glass walkway. two weeks later... naw I liked them better before put them back. lol

  • I think the chandeliers are perfect

  • Reject symmetry! Chandeliers look great!

  • It takes ~2 weeks of living in Stress' base to become the pink man.

  • change your irl merch pink too

  • Impulse get a Netherite sword for farming and put looting on it

  • Stressmonster: Makes Impulses whole base pink. Impulse: 🖕You I love it

  • you could add more ceiling decor so you dont have to move the chandeliers? and add more handing lights? or make glass ceiling?

  • Pinkpulse

  • Base colors say Trans Rights 💙💗🤍

  • noooo

  • Do an invisible item frame at the bottom of the chandelier and a pink concrete

  • You should be the above the aqua building officer of vertical enforcement

  • Yeah, I think the chandeliers should be moved :(

  • Do u guys even play Decked out anymore? Kinda miss that game..

  • Chimpulse

  • Noooooooooooo!

  • The pink looks terrible tho

  • What if you built a park filled with greenery, ponds, villager bits in the top gray middle part.