Hermitcraft 7 | Ep 077: Was This A BIG Mistake!?

Publisert 14. feb.. 2021
In this episode, we save DocM77, finish the bunker, save our valuables, make progress on the cactus farm, discover what the HCBBS actually is, and the Secret Base Bros have a new plan! Jam-packed episode!
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  • Me and my friend on bedrock build a cactus farm in the ground and the floor was a creeperface glass and the walls were green. This really reminded me that cactus farm we did a year ago

  • To be fair you can't really "sign up" for the end of the season how would that work?

  • I love the Impulse and Grian duo we're getting this season. Add in Scar and Bdubs and you've got a whole lot of good times coming

  • Any skyblock ppl out there that’s a tiny cacti farm lol

  • The question is how did scar get that head.?!?!

  • You can use glass-13:45 :D

  • I thougt i was watching good times with scar lol

  • Why did you build this in the biome most likely to be dug up

  • My favourite thing about the Big Base Swap is that some builders got redstoner’s base and redstoners got builder’s bases (eg. Impulse and Stress, Mumbo and Scar, Grian and Zedaph, False and Tango, Keralis and Cleo[Cleo being technical in armour stands]). Suggestion by another guy in the comments: put signs all around, I think the first suspects will be Cub lol.

  • "yellow is sus dude" 😂

  • You mean poking around your base.


  • Why is Tfc’s name not there

  • You should move a semi truck to the sewers

  • Impulse with the BIGGEST BRAIN on the server saving his valuables.

  • The big base swap in the jornal and he still saying that he's going to move stuff to the bunker... PRETTY SUS EH?

  • when he was putting the cactus in the shulker box what buttons was he pressing to get all the cactus in the shulker?

  • Impulse became a faction player...

  • Put one of the Keralis turtles on where he can see and hint your secret base with the other turtles


  • you could use stairs on the mob farm tubes?? there’d still be the loopy effect while still keeping the items in :]

  • impulse getting cactus from giving heads to Xisuma its the perfect representation that if you do good things good thing will hapen to you

  • Instead of slabs you should use stairs facing in to the water streams for your "leaky pipes" so that you can keep the look of the slabs without having the items get caught

  • You should blow his base up

  • You should fill his office with cats

  • Just did some Calcs, if Impulse's diamond blocks in his chest are all he's got, then he has 2448 diamonds. Iskall has 2793 diamonds :P And Grian's got more than --MCwait, wat? Impulse didn't show it all methinks :P

  • lol I only watch this season for a few days (until episode 77)

  • Scar showed were cubs base is on camera and showed his base

  • Someone needs to take a whole cargo trailer from the ship yard.

  • What happens in a bunker, stays in a bunker.

  • Are you using the same music for time-lapse like grian?

  • I think I his base looked much better with the big circle greenhouse thingy I don’t think you should have taken it down:(

  • Iskall got a full skyscrapper of diamond lol


  • Who's flying around the shopping district? Did the hcbbbs let out herobrine or something?

  • Three or four more layers? That's nearly a Sci-Craft level cactus farm.

  • You could steal a whole tree from cleo's (keralis) place

  • Lol you guys built a SEWER at the sky limit X'D

  • steal one of his car's

  • i'd say make it seem like a hologram because you are in a futuristic base so i'd say having a hologram of a modern house would be cool and for lore purposes cut out a small room next to it to make a history class using that hologram for history

  • Wait... do everyone know who the HCBBS person is? Because what was that newspaper that said Hermit Craft Big Base Swap

    • It’s mumbo. He had the same blocks in his inventory from when he built. And a bunch of people cracked it on reddit. He still won’t say if it’s him though. but it is most likely him.

  • Leave the secret base

  • Is it just me or do you guys not like the idea of the base swap Tbh I kinda feel that this season of Hermitcraft had been ruined.

  • Well at least impulse and iskalls stuff wasnt swapped with their bases

  • Make an army of keralis turtles and unleash them on the city with different signs with dialogue

  • Could've used stairs instead of slabs for the tubing. Would've worked I believe.

  • I love how the Hermiton Herald at 12:00 foreshadows the Big Base Swap

  • There is a new game known as hightails coming out in 2021 it is harder than Minecraft by a little bit please go check it out it is a lot like Minecraft

  • 14:51 beacon beams are green but turn white after transition

  • This is impuslesv

  • Hope you left the vehicle up on blocks when stealing the wheels.

  • This was Brian's idea, right?

  • 27:43 Scar is a Real Blue American Man..

  • 27:43 Scar is a Real Blue American Man..

  • Can anyone please help what mod does he use to view shulker in 5:07

  • While Cleo owns the base, take a whole building😂

  • I think you can make the pipe with iron trap doors to make it look clean.

  • Why not use upside-down stairs for the item elevators? It might still look like slabs but drops won't get stuck.

  • How about grabbing an entire building and rebuild a building either on the exact spot or 1 block off center in a different color and perhaps adding like graffiti around the area trying to blend it in.

  • Someone built a secret base in your base. Good luck. Is this still a thing were we mention this to people. 😂

  • he meant the key, iskall was asking if you were the one who made the key

  • Keralis has a hotel right? Steal a floor’s stuff? Like the whole hotel suite!


  • Steal all the wheels in the city and replace them with bricks or Change the song in his office.

  • Swap heads/parts on armour stands.

  • If you want to steal something BIG without anyone noticing, take a shipping container from the docks. Yes, it is huge, but there are so many of them, that one missing won't really be noticed.

  • steal a bilding for the keralis games

  • Imagine Stress moving to her new base and realising she has no diamonds and other valuables now

  • in keralis vid he found the beacon that you guys used to dig the sewer, so i figured out that the servers are right below the construction site area and the harbor

  • Theory scar had too kill cats too get those cat heads

  • Idea to make him laugh: build a dance club in one of his buildings. Have him follow you there.Then change your skin to a piglin with the head as well. Play the pigstep song and dance to it 😂

  • Maybe take one of his shipping containers off of the ship, I bet he won't notice that.


  • You could build an underground fairy town roots and all under the jungle in stressmonsters base!

  • grian went "hay"-wire

  • Use glass so u can see the items go up

  • What is the name of the timelapse music? I know I've heard it before but can't remember the name. Could somebody help me?

  • The tube thing he can replace that with green glass so it can fit on the base color

  • Iskall: I'm stupid I don't know Redstone Me: I show you evidence a * shows Iskall working on Sahara aka the most complicated shop on hermitcraft season 6*

  • I'm just laughing at hermits working hard on their pre-swap bases right now

  • Take something from his office

  • I was confused why he started going on about how he already did a side of the cactus farm. Like we would ever question the hermits of “off camera work” 😂😂😂😂

  • if you want gaps in the pipes, use trapdoors.

  • the sewer cats should invite keralis to make the secret base in the city since it's cleo's base now. lol

  • You should add another word to the sentence to keep it going... that’s what some of the other hermits have been doing

  • Take the hanging construction worker or Barack O llama he will think beef took it since they already had a dispute over another llama.

  • around mumbo and grian huh? now who knows who owns the bases

  • Everyone who is sub to mumbo unsub now

  • 12 min mark, the hermiten herald reporting on the base swap, before it has happened, innnnnteresting.

  • You should move Keralis's enderchest into the sewer ;)

  • Impulse, please add your own touch to the Etho sentence!

  • Man this server has the nicest people as far as I’ve seen

  • "idk redstone" he says with his super fancy high teck piston door

  • Steal a diamond block from Kera- I mean Cleo's office

  • Imagine hermits exchanging their channels

  • What was the first song in the ground laps

  • allow grian to still own his secret base but you don't have to too

  • it's mumbo who did it

  • I love that Grian's reason for his shenanigans keeps changing and he also keeps causing more.

  • good that i instead of g