Hermitcraft 7 | Ep 081: This Base Rocks!

Publisert 8. mars. 2021
In this episode, we make some rocking changes to our new base, setup a trap in Cleo's base, and finished the floors of 15 Shades Tower.
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Intro Music:
Song: Stellar - JJD & AudioBlade
Music provided by Ninety9Lives
Video: nolong.info/show/qr-nj2eNZqhpqJs/video.html
Download: 99l.tv/stellarYU
Gaming, Minecraft
#minecraft #hermitcraft #impulseSV


  • The amount of thought that's been put in to get a "hair-dye fading" really warrants a moment to appreciate!

  • Are you a double bass or double pedal drum player? Or you prefer single pedal?

  • Cod Strats

  • Who else here is a drummer?

  • Did you make the time lapse music... Drum on

  • The skelly isnt despawned cuz hes in a boat

  • 6:00 Mobs that interact with boats/minecarts shouldn't despawn.

  • Bdubs: gotta shleep Impulse, doing an impression: gotta sweep

  • If anyone wants to see the reaction from Keralis and Cleo check it out on Keralis' video (nolong.info/show/icyTiZ6ansqMZWw/video.html @19:34)... Worked perfectly

  • 19:32 Yes, it's scary, and it's hairy, but is it also Larry?

  • mobs in boats don't despawn

  • is this proximity chat a mod or a datapack

  • did anyone else at first think the sunglasses was a mustache

  • What in the world is that fuzzy pink blob thing behind the vines at 4:31?

  • That bdubs impression was on point XD

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  • Nice makeover on stress base!!

  • Nice drum set!!

  • you should have named the zombies "herself"

  • Proximity chat will be good

  • Mobs in boats don’t despawn

  • You should "indefinitely borrow without permission" one of Pacific's pool floaties.

  • The skellebob is still alive because its in the boat and entities in a boat or minecart will not despawn

  • Is it just me, or do the glasses look a bit like a mustache for the skull lol.

  • Impulsesv, tinfoilchef is looking to buy 2 shulker boxes worth of blaze rods/powder.

  • Make a lift in aque we town

  • Its A'Que town.... k... lol

  • Plot twist Keralis1 is living in that house and put zombiecleo in the mirror incase any one gets suspicious

  • Dude, when you get a jamband in game, best day

  • Before you switch bases back with Stress there's a project with an amazing potential name that you really need to do... Make an "Impulse Control Centre" inside the skull! You could have a central control hub up in the brain of the skull that could have a little redstone contraption to do things like spit out magic 8-ball type answers to questions. You know, answers to questions like "should I change all the blue blocks in a base to pink?" The name is just so perfect and you are literally living inside Stress' brain right now! I so want to see this happen!

  • Is anyone else not enjoying his content that much anymore? It has gotten really boring tbh cuz he lost his base.

  • Your base looks like a mustache, you should add eyes above the mustache

  • The pool reminds me of Pacific's rooftop

  • Impulse found one of the reasons why Kera- I mean Cleo's city is very laggy

  • 3:43 Impulse: what if we lean more to the rock star thing, give this base a make over Subtitles: give this bass a makeover Nice

    • “We’re just gonna make this bass rock”

  • Impulse. When you get the base back, keep the pink.

  • Typical Bdub's - cheapskating on the hair dye - rofl

  • Agree that the microphone icon appearing whenever you speak is a bit annoying (tho not unbearably so) -- hopefully it can be switched off in an upcoming version of whatever mod you're using

  • I don’t think mobs de spawn in boats

  • Should of names the zombies The Sewer Cats

  • I’m glad you guys added the proximity chat. The interactions between hermits is probably my favorite thing about hermitcraft

  • It’s-a-me-impluse

  • Your hairstyle makes you look like a cool bass player rather than a drummer.

  • entites cannot despawn in a boat

  • Anyone else see the sunglasses as a moustache? No? Just me?

  • you could sell goods and a service, just build them in different floors

  • He isn’t despawnin because of the boat

  • He totally could have made the Grateful Dead Skull-

  • Impulse really needs to improve his armour 😂😂

  • is anyone ever going to tell impulse how to pernounce aqua town? here: Aqua Town [Aw Qua {qua as in queen but instead of ee its ahh} {Aw Qu ahh} and then town] aqua as in water or aquatic update

  • What's the name of the voice chat mod?

  • Happy birthday impulse!

  • 7:03. “I’m gonna surprise her with some zombies” Looks in his inventory to see 48 name tags

  • I say stay at her base for a little longer like a week

  • When you get your base back you should replace the pink with yellow it kind of matches your haircut

  • Gotta schweep 😁

  • I don’t know why, but that bdubs impression was hilarious 😂

  • grain wants to build a barge co eating place btw

  • You need to get some floaties for the pool

  • Because he is in the boat he doesn’t respawned

  • It’s so cool

  • grian made a secret base in your base

  • I can see it now.. proximity chat will be Grains new way to troll. "Mumbo:Mumbo:Mumbo"-Runs away-

  • When working with zombies, just give them a splash potion of Weakness.

  • The skeleton isn’t despawning because it’s in the boat

  • I think, a three wide Logo on the bandana might look a little more solid

  • His bdubs impression was on point

  • Please add a mohawk to the skull!

  • Maybe a lighting up service?

  • The Bdubs impression was the highlight of the video for me xD

  • Band stage needs a light show.

  • Did anyone notice the recording sign?

  • All you’ve done is put a tiny drum set in her base

  • Scar: Aqua Town Bdubs: Aque Town Impulse: aQuEeWeE tOwN

  • Make a different store a level

  • If you throw a couple of healing splash potions next to the boat, you should be able to get rid of the skeleton without harming the enderman or the boat.


  • Hey can you put out a tutorial for that beep beep beep that you have for your drum

    • I wouldn't mind if you put 1 tutorial for Java and one for bedrock

  • 3:57 I cant be the only person who thought it was going to be a Waluigi moustache right?

  • impulse, staring at at a hole that leads to the stairwell bdubs made: we need to make the stairs

  • you should have cleo put some people playing the instruments coould give the stage some life

  • how cool would an infiniti pool by over-looking stress' base

  • On the thumbnail the rocker base really looked like the wallstreetbets logo

  • OH GOODIE, i just saw an exclusive preview aboutH7 episode 82, EVERYONE WILL WANT TO HAVE THE NOTIFICATIONS TURNED ON so we get notice ASAP

  • Awesome

  • Beef connected a zombie spawner to a van to prank Keralis, that would've been a good source of zombies

  • what? how? when? where? do you find this proximity chat??


  • Am I the only one who thinks that the glasses look like a moustache?

  • Throws enderpearl NOlong: TARGET ADD TIME

  • impulse for your 15 shades tower people should order a good deed of the day that will happen within the week they ordered it.

  • for the stairs of your building in aqua town, you could add another set of stone stairs below the current stone stairs to give make it look more stable.

  • If I were stress I would trade back bases with you because your upgrades improved her base.

  • mobs in a boat dont despawn.

  • When you get your base back, if you want to change the pink, maybe try yellow. I like the contrast of the different colors. Retroactively, I don't like the blue anymore

  • You should have hid a zombie underneath the base without being silenced that would scare Cleo all the time

  • Happy 🎂!!!

  • They know the Mansion was switched

  • Prank Cleo idea: trigger fish coming up from the ground. Right now she is having sine back and forth with Xisumavoid, so that might be a thing.

  • 18:03 why does the proximity sound like if you came of GTA Sandras, or just an old radio channel from your local news?