Hermitcraft 7 | Ep 075: THE END IS NEAR!!!

Publisert 3. feb.. 2021
In this episode, we finish our secret base and continue to work on our under the base farming area before running into @iskall85 in the shopping district who has the same concern I do about what the mysterious countdown timer could mean.
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Gaming, Minecraft
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  • 4:12 "Light Structure" ??? Buddy thas a LAMP xD

  • History lessons from impulse are always appreciated

  • Should drop the ceiling

  • Who knew that making a bunker was the best prep

  • Love you're channel dude When I Figured out That I Wasn't subscribed i Immediately Subscribed Your videos Are amazing

  • how does one know you did not remake some of kersuils bases?

  • You could've place it all as concrete powder and place water over it

  • H. C. B. B. S. means hermit craft bye bye season.

  • i reckon he's in creative when doing the speakeasy and it's not the base he's hiding. i say this because he was able to destroy blocks with one hit

  • I think The thing in the shopping district is one of the hermits selling something and when you put your name in the chest you agree to buy it. Such as Hermit craft big barge sales

  • I found out for the bar area he used a tutorial

  • Impulse: I need lodes of lime concrete I think I’ll borrow some cactus from the other hermits Me: bruh u have a sea pickle farm

  • You should put up an item frame, put in a salmon and add some note blocks and make one of those singing fish!!

  • I think it’s Hermit Craft Big Barge Store because grian needs the trees to move so he’s tricking everyone into signing a petition that will get rid of the trees so he can build his bigger barge

  • By saying: Savannah Oh Nana, Impulse just caused serious flashbacks and a bunch of ppl searching 'Savannah Oh Nana' instead of 'Havana'

  • Sell sponge at the barge

  • Make the beverage be that potion of sickness or whatever it’s called. The potion that makes ur vision messed up and wiggly lol

  • They're doing a lot of things with the World Download in mind: secret bases within bases, plenty of minigames, now a bunker with undisclosed coordinates... The S7 download promises to be massive (S6 was already over 2GB) and a lot of fun! Even Stress left us that amazing Haunted Mansion before disappearing.

  • you know, I think Impulse made the right choice with blowing off the top of his base but I can't help but miss the old look.

  • You should put a bar logo in the back behind the pool table like a jazz club or any classy bar

  • Uh impulse grians base was found and was moved so it's not there anymore

  • Howi can get ur texture pack?

  • Good deed suggestion: TFC's back. You could leave him some gifts.

  • Does anyone know what texture pack impulse uses to see the insides of shulker boxes from his inventory

  • I know you love stuff symmetrical but with the speakeasy maybe try spreading some stuff out a bit

  • HCBBS has shape things after each letter which is a letter of each word.

  • If you still want to do the "daily" good deed, maybe make a storage system for Scar's chest monster? Great video as always!

  • I love the speakeasy! Lots of old clubs and such had a stage, so that might be a cool addition in the center or the back end.

  • A small stage with instruments would be an awesome addition to the back wall of your secret base, and would fit well with the speak easy theme. Loving the whole secret base saga too! Lol

  • Many speakisies have like some stage for jazz players to perform

  • You should put dark oak signs around the pool table light

  • LOVE the music!

  • Impulse: Savannah Ooo Na Na Me: *dies laughing* I'm still laughing and I'm laughing myself into an asthma attack. rotfl

  • I miss playing pool in bars.. loving the secret base!

  • I don't think this is the end of the season, but I do think the countdown is intended to get viewers (and Hermits) thinking about the end of the season. As 1.17 gets ever closer, so does the perfect time to start a new world, to take advantage of all the new worldspawn features coming.

  • Is it a nuke that got delayed or something and its counting down in till it can explode?!

  • A the back of the secret base make some graphite

  • U should add a jukebox and make personal music, so u can play music like in a real speak easy place

  • What's it with this season and secret bases???

  • maybe a stat poker (or regular poker) table in the back?

  • Dark oak trap doors around the "chandeliers" would look awesome!

  • Everyone's here making tons of conspiracy about what H.C.B.B.S. means when one hermit just wanted to have a Hermit Craft Best Buddies Special 👉🏼👈🏼🥺

  • Guys hcbbs hermitcraft bedrock breaking service

  • Your to do list would look amazing with the glow item frames.

  • Impulse: talking about Adult Beverages *pause

  • I am surprised that no one has thought of "Hermit Craft Bulletin Board System"... Although Hermitcraft is one word, isn't it?

  • In the back of the secret base u should base something like a band set up or dj booth or something music related. Good stuff man

  • 🔥IMPULSEEEE!!!! For the secret bar you should buy posters from beef!! Would look so good

  • I like how hard Impulse is trying to avoid saying alcohol at the start of the video lmao.

  • The sand asmr at the end tho lol

  • less seats, move pool and dartboard to a more interesting position, make a stage in the back

  • add a stage for a secret house band

  • You could put in a stage or an arcade game machine

  • I didn't watch Doc at the start of the season, so I might be wrong, but during the Button, I think he said that he'll nuke the bases of anyone who snipes the button from him. What if HCBBS is a countdown to his revenge, and he's going to blow up the entire server???

  • Hermit Craft Big Bang (something)?

  • I feel like everything is just now getting good and figured out. It would kind of suck if the season ended

  • If or when keralis finds your base, that would be a cool bar for him in that building haha

  • it would be wonderful if you could collab with zombiecleo and fill the space with partying armor stands so when keralis finds this hell be like whoah!!!

  • I'm gonna blame mumbo for server lag

  • The secret bar is BEAUTIFUL. Dude it has so many vibes. Add pretty tile ceilings and At the back add cave walls and stalagmites with next update, many speakeasy locations were built into caves!

  • H C B B S H-help C-change B-bedubs B-bedtime S-scedual

  • Impulse, calm down. It’s not the end of the season. Literally all (Well, most of) the viewers know that it’s something to do with Pacific, while all the Hermits either freak out that it’s the end of the season, or form societies with those letters. But we all know it’s not the end of the season. Watch me be totally wrong.

    • @CheesyDelphox yeah well nobody saw what it actually was coming except Mumbo

    • this aged well

  • You are probably not going to read this. I actually really like the secret base but i hoped you'd make a like little podium at the end of the cafe and 2 pool tables on the side instead of 1. (At the place where there's now tables. And the dart board in a row of 2 or 3 somehwere in a cozy corner with a couch or something.

  • Am I the only one coming here to find out who did the timelapse song?

  • I think a giant fancy fireplace would look perfect on the back wall in the secret base! Maybe with mounted animal heads for decor. Love the concept, and the bar looks fantastic!

  • Fun fact: Kerala does interiors.

  • Hermit Craft Big Boom Soon

  • The back bit could have a stage for performers/singers

  • The back of that room is perfect for a stage!

  • You could add a stage to the speakeasy! Maybe even a piano from beef! I’m thinking Bugsy Malone esque

  • I really enjoy your videos!

  • You need a stage in you secrets bace for jazz acks

  • impulseSV is kind, impulseSV is sweet, But most importantly, impulseSV is the head of diversionary tactics

  • everybody wants. grian to fail

  • Why didn’t he use cyan to match the top of his base 😆

  • I hope the season doesn't end this soon.. there are so many projects left unfinished.

  • The pool table is incredible!!!

  • I really want someone to make a song of you singing savanna now

  • For the backside you could put a stage

  • For the back, you should build a stage with musiciens like the mid 30. Great build BTW.

  • It is hermitcraft backpacking bahamas something

  • Does anyone know who built the countdown in the first place?

  • I love that you saw my idea and used it! Your secret base fits into the city so well, and looks amazing! I think a few armor stands will really add life. I look forward to see what you do.

  • What is the name of your timelapse music?

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  • I'm not ready for this season to end

  • Speakeasy needs some art on the walls. Like Records and wallpaper from Beefy Stores

  • Try hanging banners along the pool lights

  • The HIEP has to attend to this situation Btw the resistance has never been disbanded maybe they can help too

  • Totally love the speck easy bootleg room. If you place the pool table to one side you could have a dance floor. They use to love to 💃🏼 dance.

  • the speakeasy needs a toilet. you should make it so you can flush yourself down to the sewers

  • maybe a bit bold but perhaps get Cleo to add some bar patrons using her awesome armour stand skillz.

  • Iskall and Impulse had the same outro...kinda

  • Hermitcraft Big Boom Surprise?

  • Cool speakeasy. I would maybe add a border around your sea lanterns and enclose them maybe with trapdoors....?

  • These colabs are exactly the kind I like to see. Great progress btw :}

  • Add more bright colours to the secret base

  • Idk if anyone has said it yet, but maybe put a stage at the back of the bar for "open mic nights"??? Beef sells all the instruments youd need sooo?? 🤷‍♀️

  • The music for the first montage had me dancing xD

  • Cubfans Quilt