Among Us With Hermits! - I've Got Good Bones 🦴🦴🦴

Publisert 18. des.. 2020
See what happens when I get together with Etho, Grian, Scar, Bdubs, Tango, and Keralis from the Hermitcraft server with a few friends to play some Among Us! If you want to see more Among Us with friends in the future, please leave a like and let me know in the comments below.
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  • Time stamps: Polus rollet 0:03 game 1 1:08 imposter with keralis game 2 15:06 crewmate game 3 24:55 imposter with solidarity

  • Lol every time he was imposter grian was on his ass

  • When Keralis said "I'm always silent" I felt massive nostalgia from a Minecraft murder mystery series Big B was in with PH03N1X, SB737, Antantixx, Minigod951 etc where TankMattXBL would say "I'm always quiet." I can't be the only one who got that.

  • unfortunately 14:15 your cool down was not going down while you were in the task

  • 🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴

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  • SCAR Or else

  • 14

  • I want an Impulse's good bone store in the shopping district.

  • Why don't you vote on 7?

  • And we shall vent.

  • What music was used towards the end?

  • impulse call lights when your cooldown is lower because they cant call button for a while

  • Hermits and Yogs playing Among Us... this is peak youtube for me.

  • i have never heard impulse's voice go so high when laughing

  • b o n e s

  • Impulse only fake the tasks you are assigned

  • "No body, No crime," -Probably Taylor Swift after playing Among Us

  • am new

  • I know polus map better than skeld .

  • Good bones 🦴

  • Honestly, I'm fine with all the non hermits who join but I am curious why more hermits aren't joining in. Is it just not their kind of game or time zone differences?

  • Impulse can you please invite goel AKA smallishbean to play with you

  • I want to ess these guys play with proximity chat

  • Why was Tango pink? Doesn't he hate pink?

  • is grian gonna upload his perspective do u know?

  • 22:58 I thought that was Crazy Frog.

  • Grain and race car sus

  • You NOOB!

  • You guys could play Town of Salem. Its basically among us' older brother.



  • this is just Evo + Hermitcraft but among us

  • So proximity chat next if you can. It’s really good.

  • This is quality _among us_ content. Especially since you are not an incredibly annoying person. For example, it is hard to watch a lot of the more _popular_ among us players. Because, they have annoyingly hyper energetic personalities. If you keep making these among us videos, I will keep watching them. Also, no face-cam is better. I want to watch the game, not your face.

  • Yo I was in your game

  • I can't believe you're only around 150K from 1 mil! I really hope you and Tango join the 1 mil hermit club by the end of the Season!


  • :>

  • At some point impulse will be the boy that cried bones :D

  • I can hack to get 255 max players for you!

  • lol


  • Wait so InTheLitleWood is in contact with Hermits!!??? Btw I almost never watch you, Impulse maybe thats why.

  • I love how BigB I think said "there has been a murder" like Mical Scott

  • Did he just call Jimmy Timmy I-

  • Can't fault him for having good bones.

  • Oh my god, Impulse is a Milk Gang

  • 18:26 that round Martyn skipped keys as well as you saw him go down to specimen going to put my vote now (I haven’t watched the full vid yet) that it’s him for this round

  • 16:25 Wait so are you not showing us some of the videos?!

  • What is the bone for?🦴

  • 15:28 Nooch... Didn't think Skizz was invited to this one 😂 Edit: 37:35 DANGIT...looks like Skizz really is guest starring without even being there :)

  • Scar: You kidnapped my son Everyone: Etho is the impostor Scar: *Bruh*

  • "69 dislikes"

  • "which node? aren't there two?" *_there are 6_*


  • I saw my friend making a kill on cams

  • Like to see the whole game and not parts of it.

  • I’m an old fan of hermit and I can’t recognize mumbo in this vid...

  • i really want to be on the hermitcraft server think I can?

  • You know it's gonna be a fun video when you already laughed at the start

  • Impulse gets so picked on by the other hermits in among us. Everytime he talks they assume he's the imposter.

  • Everyone have a healthy 2021 and a MERRY christmas!

  • "the problem is, we dont know the tasks" and that, my friend, is why they provided a small task list even to the imposters on the left hand corner

  • Grian just sounds so sad when he's talking. I feel bad for him

  • "You know I have good bones" -Impulse to Etho, 2020

  • ☠️☠️☠️

  • Proximity chat

  • You guys are so bad at the

  • I haven't seen a video by solidarity since EVO

  • Epic gameplay, but is nobody gonna talk about the fact that Etho still uses the default Discord icon?

  • i find it funny that all the non hermits were members of the EVO SMP

  • Ummm, Etho might have been telling the truth Impulse there is a delay in when people move so on his screen he might have been in in front of you.

  • everyone calling jimmy timmy is so funnt

  • Sup

  • It pains me to see that people do not know the map I always play of you are a polus fan!!!

  • i got good bones

  • Hi I love your AMONG US videos

  • if keralis did a video it would have been great

  • This went from "Scar is quiet" to "you kidnapped my son"

  • Its Hermitcraft meets Evo!!!!! My day is made.

  • 12:35 quote of the month

  • this combines hermitcraft's good fanbase and community with the popular among us game! this was a good idea!

  • Love these among us videos, You improved so much from rap god to smooth criminal.

  • Why do you update so often dude? Chill, relax, take a break, we won't die if you upload once a week or two. Don't stress yourself out.

  • Most dangerous players in y'alls game when they are crew and you are imposter are Etho and Grian

  • Scar: I am making a vaccine Everyone else this year: YES

  • the early sabotages are sooo nerve-racking its hilarious

  • I really hate Grian though even in hermitcraft

  • Ahhh that camera kill lol, I’m sorry you got caught XD

  • I'm always so sad when Bdubs gets killed early because he's so much fun to listen to lol "Tango and I were in specimen together holding hands." I love these guys 🤣 and then he keys right into Impulse's voice HAHAHAHA and I love the dead voice chat!!!! "come on Bdubs, you saw that!!" hdbsgd

  • Hi


  • At 13:00 he dosent realize you can call a meeting when lights are down

  • 10:30 IM A SHEEP

  • We will never truly know which three emojis Impulse used in the title🙈😂Awesome video! XD

  • More among us with hermits

  • This was the PERFECT cast to play this with. Its so cool to see the EVO group hang out with the HC group!

    • @Charis23 EVO was the name of an SMP I believe Grian used to run. Solidarity, Martyn and BigB were all members (along with Grian himself, ofc). Grians run on the series ended around the time he joined Hermitcraft in season 6 :)

    • EVO?

  • Anyone else notice that Grian's voice gets quieter and less dramatic when he's imposter? Like he kinda drops his normal flair

  • Pls reply to this comment impulse I have been I fan since the Beginning of season 6 I would make my day if you just said hi