Hermitcraft 7 | Ep 076: Super Fancy Secret Bunker Door!

Publisert 9. feb.. 2021
In this episode, we finish the walls and floor under the base in preparation for a mega cactus farm then meet up with Grian and Bdubs to plan out our next steps with our secret bases. Also, I make a really cool in ground secret bunker door.
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Gaming, Minecraft
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  • Props on your split second reflexes at 12:26! lmao, there was barley a full second between when the creeper appeared and when it exploded, yet some how, even though it landed right next to you, you managed to realize the danger and maneuver far enough away from it in that time that you were able to survive it! I don't even want to think about the amount of time that a person would have to spend playing minecraft in order to develop so fast of an automatic reaction to the sight of an unexpected creeper! I would have died long before I even registered that it was there. Major Props!

  • Imagine being Scar and seeing the shopping district back then:

  • These HermitCraft fans can’t hold secrets. No wonder we barely get enough video out.

  • Can we appreciate Keralis calling BDubs "angelface" and his concern at the creeper?

  • HermitCraft Society of Secret Bases

  • That door is too awesome!

  • I just had a thought If Keralis finds a lot of secret bases, he might want to link them all up and while doing so, he might find the tunnel that links up all the secret bases

  • *A weird countdown happening* Grian: Let's harvest our heads

  • imagine realising just after you did all the farms that they're completely pointless

  • I love your bunker door and i would really like it if you could make a tutorial for it if possible

  • The Keralis turtles are wearing diapers

  • Ok when Grian did the countdown to go to his secret base it was perfect, there was an ad

  • Keralis built a secret base in your secret base

  • Hermit. Craft. Buried. Base. Society. H. C. B. B. S.

  • impulse´s time as head of diversionary tactics will surely help with this secret base stuff.

  • I love how the HCBBS depicts how humanity would react to such a mysterious phenomenon - coming up with conspiracy theories, cults and wacky ideas

  • 2:03 you should put a raw of sealanterns in for light around the walls🙂

  • Impulse, you are one sneaky, crafty hermit.... not just with the bunkers. Don't you own the land between the stores? The land that the button appeared on? 🤔

  • that creeper surprise feels so staged but its not HAHAHAH

  • some nameless people have Sid its free real estate for keralis city

  • H C B B S could mean Hermitcraft Big Base Society

  • boring

    • so why do u watch it?

  • "You know it's such a long time that anyone died to Creeper's. I'm shocked more than anything." The Creeper Redemption Arc just started.

  • HCBBS more like Hermitcraft base in base society

  • it would be funny for so many people to be using 1 person's base secretly lol well look at it this way.... The city now has actual people O.O Edit: Don't you need a key card thing on the inside so that you can close it with you inside if need be? for the bunker in the middle of nowhere...

  • Hermit craft big base society!!!

  • Hi Impulse do you want to be part of a Twitch Versus?? It will be Minecraft. The Twitch/NOlongr thejocraft has more Information on this topig and how it is going to work. The Event will happen on the 20.2.2021 at 5:00 pm.

  • My little brother is a fan I showed hi one of your videos and he sad it’s outrageous you are’s at one mil

  • 12:27 XD “noo0o0oo!” and dramatically jumps out of the way lol

  • Man people need to stop snitching!

  • And in the meantime the hobbit quest ❤️

  • So that’s where all Grain’s sand is going.

  • Everyone has no idea that next episode will be the last

  • #greenFloor

  • H.C.B.B.B.S. = Hermit craft beacoms a better server

  • H***** C**** B**** B**** S**** for sure means something arround Hermit Craft B**** Barge Sales

  • Impulse! There is a base in your base!

  • Its dark in the cactus farm

  • can you show us how to make the bunker

  • How did I last 5 minutes thinking this was Scar’s video...

  • Not gonna lie, I commented on Keralis's video about how much extra space there was in that building before you released your video showing you were going to build in it... which is why I left the comment about making sure to raise the roof and leave the same pattern of the lanterns like he had on the floor after I saw your video

  • Who needs that much cactus?

  • what is the timelapse song?

  • So.... your bunker... only opens and closes from the outside... defeating the purpose of the bunker because youd have to leave to door open to be inside... unless you leave a "sacrificial lamb" outside to close the door for you.... hmmm.. i approve. Who's your lamb?

  • Wow! You can really see that youtube compression at 0:47. Just... look at it.

  • what if H.C.B.B.S means: Hermits Cant Build Bases Secretly

    • but if it would have been Hermits Cant Build Bases Secretly so maybe it wouldnt have been a countdown timer.

  • Hermit Craft Beneath Bases Society?

  • 12:00 i LITERALLY just realized Impulse sounds like Elfo from "Enchanted"!

  • why is bdouble always getting blow up lol

  • lets see how many subs i can get from this comment ;) Current sub count - 14 subs P.s. I am going to do a 15 subs special :D

  • HCBBS HermitCraft Bunker BroS

  • Hi

  • came for the door... vid doesnt REALLY start till 16:43.... lame llol

  • I suppose Iskall and Impulse are a real HermitCraft Bunker Builder Squad now! ...wait a minute-

  • H.C.B.B.S Hermit Craft Building Bases Secretly

  • Why youtube just recommend ur channel to me😂

  • Loved the way you used the gravity block mechanics in that door! Very cool

  • Big bee believers missed an opportunity to do Big Bee Beelievers and I'm disappointed. Also excited to see your next secret base! :D

  • The H C BB S is hermitcraft big base society.

  • HermitCraft Bases Built Secretly H C B B S

  • Secret base 2 electric boogaloo

  • Bamboozled

  • In season 8, you, Grian, Bdubs, and whoever else builds a secret base, should all secretly build your megabases underground in the new cave system.

  • Hellao


  • Here Comes Big B Stats

  • Why is your playlist in reverse, I want it to autoplay and it goes backwards through the season. Is this on you or am I messing this up somehow??

    • @impulseSV amazing

    • Looks like NOlong reorganized it for some reason. I just fixed it. Thanks for letting me know!

  • Good idea: Put in a button on the inside of the bunker so you can close it while you're inside, and open it to leave. Then, afterwards, close it up with the key.

  • Would if HCBBS means Hermitcraft Bunker Boys Solitude

  • Hey impulse! I was a little late to the party but loved the episode as always. :)

  • Hi Impulse do you want to be part of a Twitch Versus?? It will be Minecraft. The Twitch/NOlongr thejocraft has more Information on this topig and how it is going to work . This is the link to his Video: nolong.info/show/ktKjrG6NqqVmemg/video.html

  • HCBBS = HermitCraft Bunker Base Society

  • Sorry im late watching this video.Love your vids keep it up

  • Will be fun when other hermits come grind to gather sand.

  • You should mice your valuables before your base is too laggy from the farms

  • Shouldn't the shelter be encased in obsidian?

  • Ka ra li st ur tl es

  • Can someone tell me something.In Impulse's guardian farm, how much was a stack of dark prismarine?

    • Sorry, the website just popped out of no where

  • Thers a secret base in your base

  • Poor man doesn’t even know... lol

  • That door is the coolest thing I've so far this season!

  • Did Any body notice how impulse was holding the warped leaves stuff in the thumb nail and the countdown clock has all that around it impulse could have made the clock just a theory

  • Nether mind the secret base, wha we really want to know is how did you make that water stream move upwards?

  • Those Keralis turtles are the creepiest things I've ever seen. XD

  • The cactus farm should be named jack

  • that last part,hcbbs could be "hermitcraft building bases secretly,"

  • Well it’s not a secret now is it

  • Do people really have to give away to Keralis that there’s bases in his base.


  • grian said not to shou us

  • Poo

  • Impulse we didn't rat out out, or at least, the most popular comments in his videos didn't. They're all about other people building bases in other locations, either other locations at his base, OR, other locations in other people's bases. Check the comments on his latest video, you'll see. I myself told him that grian had a base inside his barge boats. See, feeding that misinformation to keralis, just as asked. We didn't all sell ya out impulse. Some of us did as we were asked. :)

  • Somebody should build a secret base in Keralis's Suburban homes so it can be like a whole house. Or maybe just build a whole entire building entirely lol

  • X is giving away potions, maybe grab a shulker of night vision for more base basement work unless you're going to light it all up? Sometimes hard to see all the great stuff you're doing :)

  • How did it take this long to find your channel

  • Am I the only one who sees the Keralis turtles as wearing diapers

  • Hermit Craft Big Base Society lol

  • I can’t believe Grain still has his real secret base in your base! 😂😂

  • It is a smp trust

  • That door is great, impulse, but how do you close it once you're inside the bunker?